“Choose a job you love. You’ll never work a day in your life” by Pádraic Gilligan

We were thrilled to read and be mentioned in this blog post by Pádraic Gilligan aka Padraicino about the merits of doing a job you love. Pádraic outlines how his choices throughout his education and career all reinforced each other until he created a job, his company SoolNua, that married many of his interests and talents.

His story and that of the enterprises (like Mr. Jeffares Blackcurrant Carroll and Luttrellstown Castle) that he mentions, made me reflect on the changing nature of both work and education. The speed with which technology, not to mention the market, is moving, has meant that it is more important than ever for anyone starting out (or indeed changing career direction) to play to their unique strengths, follow their interests and allow space for flexibility in their careers. There are jobs which exist now that may not exist in the next ten years, but by the same token, there will be opportunities that we probably can’t even envision at the moment… So students, follow your heart if it is pulling you in a particular direction and give yourself room to weave your unique tapestry 🙂