M. & C. Lapierre ‘Raisins Gaulois’

M. & C. Lapierre ‘Raisins Gaulois’


“The Raisins Gaulois is fun incarnate – drinking this wine offers indecent pleasure. You have to like a cheekily-monickered wine with a cartoon label of a geezer swallowing a bunch of grapes (evidently taking his wine in tablet form). Gummy Gamay, do not pass go, do not collect tannin, a redcurrant jam jamboree which just manages to steer clear of sweetness by virtue of a thwack of liquorice on the finish. You’re madder than Mad Jack McMad if you don’t serve this well chilled.” EW Wines



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Categories: , , Tags: , , , , Product ID: 5792 Alcohol Content: 12.5%